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Making a Minimum Viable Expression

I’ve spent the last couple years struggling with whether or not I should be building startups. I was pretty deep in that community, and even though I think I won’t try to start one again, a few really helpful principles from that world still rattle around in my head, and affect the things I build as an artist.

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lets ride

A skateboarding twitter bot from 2003

The millennium is new, and your shoes are held together with tape. The skate spots are loud with the sounds of urethane on concrete. @skaaaaaaaate asks you to come along, bring your deck, and kickflip a sick three set.

If you grew up in Regina, you might recognize a place or a name or two:

Follow @skaaaaaaaate on Twitter, or check out the source code on Cheap Bots Done Quick.


In search of transformative value

I realized the other day that people don’t often undertake quests anymore. The hobbits holding the One Ring had to go on a quest to drop it in a volcano; modern problems, by contrast, don’t seem to have singular solutions that would make questing useful.

And then I found this helpful piece of thought on the topic:

* A Quest is trip to accomplish a Task.
* An Adventure is a trip without a destination.
* A Journey is when the trip is more important than the destination.
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Backflipping my way out of depression

Here’s a trick that may work for you too if you’re depressed, but which you should try even if you’re just moderately-to-seriously stuck.

It’s a trick I learned on vacation after an especially tumultuous period in my life, after I’d already changed a bunch of things I thought were actually responsible for my depression, when I realized that I still wasn’t getting much better. It’s merely a trick for when things should be moving but aren’t, and not a substitute for medication (if you need it) and therapy (which we all need).

I learned how to backflip.

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Welcome to my Cool Web Site

Recapturing the web of my adolescence

Welcome to my blog. In the year 2018, it’s rumoured that blogs will matter even less than they do already. The truth is — they don’t matter to me a whole lot right now. I’ve been writing on Medium for the last long while. It’s just easier to rack up views there, and though I kept paying Digital Ocean $10 a month to host a Ghost blog, it really only acted as a place where I could put writing samples and anti-startup jeremiads (which I’d keep in my drafts, tbh).

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